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Sharing with GoConqr is even easier!

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. —Ryunosuke Satoro

GoConqr is about enhancing your personal learning experience, whether you are a student or a teacher. But it’s also about building a learning community. True learning occurs when knowledge, experience, thoughts and views are shared, explained, debated and discussed. So today we are delighted to announce the release of a number of new features to the GoConqr platform that enable knowledge sharing.

From today onwards once you log in and start creating resources you will notice a share drop-down in the header. This is where you will find all your share options from now on.

This guide will give you a quick overview of each option.

Share with a friend

Tried and tested! This is the same sharing functionality that has always been in place—this allows you to share with your GoConqr friends. When you click on it a pop-up box will appear and you select which friend you want to share with. This is perfect for collaborating or getting an individual opinion on your resources.

Share With friends

Share Link

Imagine being able to email a resource you created to your entire class to get their input. Or simply putting it on you Facebook and ask you friends to fill in any gaps in your knowledge or ask share articles that relate to it!  With this new addition to GoConqr you can.

Clicking this option will give you a public link for your resource. Once you have this link you can send this to anyone and they can view your resource—even if they’re not a member of GoConqr. So make sure you take advantage of this invaluable addition and share your resources with as much people as you can!

share link


With our new embed functionality you can incorporate the best parts of GoConqr in to your blog or website for free! This will instantly give your page a greater interactive level and will generate more interest in your site as a whole.

Clicking on this button will give you an embed code. You can then take this code ( or a HTML snippet) and incorporate it into a webpage. Make sure you insert this in the HTMl section of your webpage. This can be located in different areas but for sites such as WordPress or Blogspot it should be easily located.


Insert the code in here and you’re ready to go! People will now be able to play with Mindmaps, Flashcards, Quizzes and Notes right on your site or blog.

Check out our sample resource page for examples of what embedded features look like.

Sharing with ExamTime can make you look good!

Make Private

Of course, sometimes you want to keep things to yourself. Either because they are a work-in-progress or you just don’t want other eyeing your fantastic notes! So every user will have at least 5 private resources. This means only you can see these particular resources and no one else. However, in order to share or embed it you will need to make it public.



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