Creative Learning: 4 Alternative Ways to Use ExamTime

ExamTime was specifically created with students and teachers in mind. Our free online learning platform was designed to facilitate the quick creation and discovery of study resources and to incorporate technology in education. However, the ExamTime community is an eclectic group as people have started using our tools for all sorts of weird and wondrous things. Some members are using our online tools to help improve their creative learning skills. We think these creative uses can also benefit students and teachers. So today we introduce four alternative uses for ExamTime you were unaware of.

Educational Idea # 1: Dynamic Presentations

All our Mind Mapping and Notes come equipped with Play Mode, this allows you to automatically transform these resources into presentations. These can be used in class or even in a business environment. With them, you can show your ideas in a very visual yet structured fashion.

by PatrickNoonan

Educational Idea # 2: Bring Your Blog to Life

Educational blogs are a growing trend. Many teachers and students use blogs as a means to extend the class to the online world and create what is known as the Connected Classroom. In any case, whatever the type of blog you write (or want to write), ExamTime resources can easily be inserted into any blog (as in the example above), which allows you to enrich your articles with visual and interactive resources. To do this, all you have to do is go to the resource you want to insert, click on the share options (on the top of the frame) and copy the embed code. Finally, insert this code into your blog or website and you’re good to go!

Educational Idea # 3: Art with Mind Mapping

Unlike a lot of other Mind Mapping tools, ExamTime offers you complete freedom to position and colour the nodes as you wish to ensure your creation is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it is possible to let your imagination run riot and encourage creative learning with different shapes and patterns that best illustrate what you want to convey. Here are two examples to get the creative juices flowing:

Creative Learning Brazil World Cup Mind Map

Creative Learning Mind Map on Love


Educational Idea # 4: Educational Games

Our quiz tool is perfect for testing your knowledge before any exam. However, this is not its only function; quizzes are an ideal medium for entertaining your friends, colleagues or even challenging the readers of your blog. In this section, we should also mention that our Flashcards tool can also be a fun way to challenge our friends to remember facts, quotes, definitions and more. Here we leave you with an example game. Can you identify all these European cities?

 by PatrickNoonan

These are just 4 alternative uses for ExamTime, but thanks to the flexibility of our tools, there are many others. Sign up to ExamTime now to discover more alternative users for our free tools. How about you, are you using ExamTime in an unexpected way?


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