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New Additions to ExamTime:

As ever we’ve been listening to your feedback and today we have implemented changes to ExamTime online study tools based directly off that. We have updated our study content sharing options while also allowing you to create duplicates of your study resources. Read on below to see the benefits of these new functions:


Edit Study Content a Friend has Shared with you:

This addition is a great study tool for collaborating with colleagues and classmates and ensures you’re getting the most out of your study network. You now have the option to edit a study resource which a friend has shared with you – helping you learn even more by adding to their Mind Map, Flashcard, Quiz or Study Note with even more information!

If you select the ‘Share as a Copy/Edit’, when sharing, your friend will have the option of taking a copy of your study content and editing it from themselves. They will see a normal read-only version of it first but they will be able to take a copy of it and then edit it themselves.

Hopefully, your friends will improve upon your initial study resource and then share it back to you so you both get the benefit out of it!

study resources


Easily Duplicate your Study Resource:

If you’ve ever had the urge to explore different areas on your Mind Map, Study Note, Quiz or Flashcard Deck but were too afraid to make the changes in case you totally messed up, our new study content duplication will make you smile!

Click on the ‘Take Copy’ button under the actions drop-down and you will be given a duplicate of the study resource you are currently working on. This will allow you to explore different study areas without worrying about losing what you have created already.

study resources

Let us know what you think of the new improvements to our ExamTime free online study tools at feedback@examtime.com.

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– The ExamTime Team
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