Introducing ExamTime’s Student of the Month!

exam success storyWe love hearing about how ExamTime is making a difference to your learning. So much so that we wanted to celebrate the best examples of improved exam results and exam success from our ever-increasing pool of ExamTime users.

Let’s hear it for our 1st Student of the Month, Cian Buckley!

Cian’s Exam Success Story

exam successCian used ExamTime throughout the school year, creating over 100 learning resources based on his curriculum. Cian’s use of ExamTime certainly paid dividends as last week he found out that he achieved 7 A’s in his state exams, proving that ExamTime can help prepare you for exam success.

His week got even better when we told him that his story had earned him the Student of the Month award, bagging him a brand new Apple iPad!

How did ExamTime Make Such a Difference?

Cian explains how it gave him an extra study edge, “ made a huge difference to how I planned, organised and revised my study material. I used for most of my subjects, especially History, Geography and English. I created Mind Maps and Notes to aid my study and revision and I found that these helped a great deal.

The range of tools that ExamTime provides helped Cian in the various stages of the learning process, “The Mind Maps helped the most; I laid out small points which were easily viewable and I could revise one topic at a time and find it easily. The Notes tool helped for longer study notes or example essays, and Flashcards were extremely useful for vocabulary in languages.”

Not only did ExamTime’s free online learning tools help Cian absorb his lessons, the planning and study goal tools also ensured Cian stayed organised and motivated, “The calendar function is also very useful, because it helps to plan tests, projects and personal study goals which pushed me along.”

Cian was not only impressed with ExamTime’s range of study tools but also the ease of use and the convenience of ExamTime. “I would say it is better than studying with a pen and paper, it’s just more efficient and makes studying easier to organise. All of your study aids are in the one place, and you can access them all at one click.”

Well done Cian! We’re delighted that we were able to contribute to your exam success.

If you want to achieve exam success, sign up to us ExamTime’s free online Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Notes & much more. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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Are You our Next Student of the Month?

If you want to win an iPad and the coveted award of Student of the Month, tell us your story by letting us know how ExamTime is contributing to your learning and exam success. Email us at



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