ExamTime’s Digital Flashcards Go One Step Further

Once more, they have done it…

ExamTime's Digital FlashcardsOur amazing team of developers have, once again, surprised us with a wonderful gift today; a set of brand new features to complement and enhance your experience while using ExamTime’s digital Flashcards.

With our updated digital Flashcard maker you can now choose from:

  • 7 New font types
  • New background textures
  • Over 100 new colors for your background and text
  • And more!

Below, you can see a great example of what is possible:

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Let’s look at how you can start using these on your cards!

How to Use the New Flashcard Maker Features

Using any of these new features is very simple. When you open the Flashcard maker, you will find a new set of tools lined up at the top of the screen. This is how they look:

ExamTime's Digital Flashcards

You will notice that the commands are duplicated on the left and right-hand sides. This is because each side of your digital Flashcard is independent from the other. That means that you can apply different styles to the front and the back of your cards. Smart!

ExamTime's digital flashcardsMix and match from all the available styling options to create unique digital Flashcards that will keep you engaged and help your brain absorb all the important facts.

Just remember that whenever you apply any of the styles mentioned earlier, you will be applying them to all cards in your deck (not to single cards).

You’re now ready to go and start creating your customised digital Flashcard deck! Try for yourself here:

Get Started Now!


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