“I Passed my Exams with the help of ExamTime!”

Below is an ExamTime story that Dominic shared with us on how ExamTime helped him prepare and ace his exams.

ExamTime users worldwide have been transforming their learning potential with the help of our free online learning resources. From students to teachers and those who wish to improve their productivity – we have been discovering your stories to inspire others to learn better. Uncover the power of learning online with these real-life ExamTime user experiences.

“ExamTime Helped me Achieve Exam Success”

ET Story DominicWhen we recently asked for you to “Tell us your Story”, Dominic was one of the many ExamTime users to answer the call. Dominic recently used ExamTime’s Mind Maps, Flashcards & other learning resources to complete his qualifications for his current role as an Equity Release Advisor in his company.

As Dominic is dyslexic, he found using our Mind Maps, Flashcards and Quizzes in particular key to achieving exam success. “ExamTime helped me to prepare for my exams and gain my qualifications“. Achieving excellent exam results allowed Dominic to pursue a promotion in his company which he has since accomplished.

See an example of one of Dominic’s Mind Maps below:

Dominic Mind Map Needs V2

“ExamTime is an Extremely Useful Tool”

After switching from traditional paper-based learning, Dominic enjoyed having access to his revision notes whenever he needed them which meant “all my product knowledge was saved in one easily accessible place and I didn’t need to keep masses of paper work“.

Dominic found using the ExamTime Mind Map tool particularly useful but also discovered the “Flashcard feature to be effective when revising for upcoming tests.”

ExamTime’s sharing capabilities allowed him and his colleagues to share learning resources to make sure everyone was on the same page. He added that “my trainer created Groups and shared online quizzes to make sure we were aware of any gaps in knowledge. I felt that being able to share learning resources with others studying the same content helped my learning immensely“.

Dominic also did his part spreading the ExamTime word saying “I would definitely recommend ExamTime (and have done so already) to anyone looking to prepare for exams. To be completely honest, I’m amazed that it’s free!

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