Invite a Study Buddy via E-mail

You’ll all be happy to hear that you can now invite friends (from now on known as study buddy) to join Examtime via email. All you have to do is pop over to your profile screen (in the right hand corner), click on your study buddy tab and enter your friends email in to the box and click invite! Then they will get a lovely little email asking them to join Examtime.  You can even add your own message for your friends telling them why they should join you.

Here are some helpful hints to persuade your friends to join us:

1)      We’ll help you do better in exams.

… that’s pretty much the nub of it! So make sure you add as much study buddies as you can and spread the word, we’ll love you for it! Not that we don’t love you already, of course.

-The Examtime team


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