Instantly Turn Your Mind Maps into Notes

A Mind Map to a Note in an Instant!

When it comes to planning an essay, writing an overview or brainstorming, Mind Maps are the perfect tool. However, even with a Mind Maps you can’t do everything; that is why ExamTime offers other free elearning tools.

Once you have finished creating a Mind Map, usually you will still have more in-depth work to do. So, that’s why we’ve been busy developing a way of offering a complete solution for the creative process. So we are very happy to introduce our new feature:

You can now instantly generate Notes from your Mind Maps.

Mind Map

This is perfect for those times when you have a brainstormed a topic or an essay. Instead of having to manually create a new Note from your Mind Map you can now just click ‘Generate Note’ and ExamTime does all the work for you!

Once you click generate, ExamTime transfers all the info from your Mind Map nodes and puts each node in a new text box in your Note. We transfer over images as well and put any snippets or resources you have attached on a new tab in your Note. So you won’t miss out on any of the info you have in your Mind Map!

Expanding Your Ideas

Once you have everything transferred to a Note, it becomes much easier to expand upon your ideas there. You can turn the headings you outlined in your Mind Map into fully fledged paragraphs and craft a complete essay from here.

Mind map

Brainstorming Mind Maps are great but sometimes you need more information before the ideas are realistic. Transferring your Mind Map to a Note is the best way to achieve this. You can break-out your ideas into actionable items. Add videos, images, links or even slideshows to back up and expand your ideas. From there your ideas can become a reality.


If you’re a teacher, you could crowdsource your Mind Maps with your students in-class, transfer them to Notes and then get them to expand on the ideas from there. Everyone will have different conclusions to draw from the ideas so it would be great for class discussions.

There are a bunch of different things this new functionality can help with but in a nutshell it’s this.

It allows you to easily start and quickly finish any assignment with ExamTime.

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