Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go

What: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyExamTime

Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts

When: Founded in 1861

Who: 10,894 students

MIT is Awesome and Here Are 10 Reasons Why…

FYI: This was written with some advice from current MIT undergrad students! So whether you’re contemplating to apply or at MIT procrastinating to study for finals, this post is for you.

1. Research Opportunities

There are plenty of research opportunities with MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).  It is a great experience for everyone, even freshman, because it gives you first hand experience  to work on cutting edge research, whether you join a research projects or pursue your own ideas. By participating in UROP, students get to learn first hand each phase of standard research activity.

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2. Dorm Culture

ExamTimeThe dorms at MIT are much more cultured than most other universities. Unlike other universities where people are thrown into various housing based a lottery, students are able to select which dorms they want to live in and every dorm is unique to a certain niche of MIT.

3. Greek Life

If you didn’t already know, Greek Life is very strong at MIT with roughly 50% of the guys and 33% of girls involved.  Many of the social events at MIT revolve around the fraternities and sororities and there is always something going on at some place every weekend.

4. Pass/No-Record for Freshmen

The university genuinely wants their students to do well. For every freshman, their first semester grades are either pass (A,B,C) or no-record (it doesn’t show on their transcript.) This allows student to make a nice transition/adjustment into their first semester of college life.

5. Top-notch Faculty

The faculty team at MIT is one of the best in the country.  The professors at this university spends hours preparing lectures and hold weekly office hours for their students. It is clear that the professors truly care for their students whether it is answering questions or even getting dinner with them.

6. Great Atmosphere

ExamTimeMIT’s location allows its students to get the best of both Cambridge and Boston.  While MIT is located in Cambridge, it is also right across the Charles River from the heart of Boston.  So whether students want to get a bit to eat at one of the numerous delicious restaurants in Kendall Square, or go shopping down Newbury Street, it is all a quick walk or T ride away.

7. Diverse Student Body

Pretty much everyone at MIT is extremely smart and talented, and has something that makes them different or interesting.  Unlike many other universities, MIT does not try to make its’ students conform to a particular mold, so the student body is really diverse, and it is easy to find other people who you can identify with.

8. Alumni Network

Being at MIT, you have the opportunity to not only meet amazing people (see above reason) around campus, but there is a fantastic alumni network.  The alumni at this university are more than willing to talk and help out current students.

9. Interesting Architecture

ExamTimeMIT’s campus is truly distinct because of the diverse architectural styles of the buildings on campus.  While the most recognizable building on campus is the Great Dome, there are numerous other buildings, like the Stata Center or Simmons Hall, on campus that are being recognized for their innovative and contemporary design.

10. Challenging

MIT is obviously ranked high on almost any university ranking list because of its’ stellar academics.  One of the great things about MIT is that you quickly learn that no matter how much you think you know, or how much you think you have learnt, there is always something new you’ve missed or have yet to even discover. MIT truly challenges its’ students not only to pursue their academic interests to the fullest extent but also their personal interests.

For all of you prospective students, I hope this gave you a nice little insight to why you should apply to MIT.  Worried about getting in or just need help a little help? Here at ExamTime we want to support you in your academic endeavors by offering as many resources as possible to help you study for your SATs, ACTsAPs, and class exams.

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