Top Tools for the Next Generation of College Freshmen

When you graduated from high school and started attending college, you turned a new page in your life. In fact, the stress starts manifesting itself before you even get accepted to college. Most students experience the period of college admissions as the most stressful time in their lives.

In simpler words, you need help to manage the stress and activities. We have selected the most effective resources that can help you preserve your sanity while achieving every goal in your daily schedule.

1. College Confidential provides all information you need about the process of college admissions. The Campus Vibe and college-discussionAsk the Dean features will be extremely helpful throughout this period. You can also join the friendly community at this website and share opinions, college visit reports, photos, and videos.

2. Unigo is conceptualized as an online college resource guide that holds a treasure of reviews and information provided by students. You can become part of live counseling sessions and get valuable advice that will help you choose the right college.

3. Dropbox Everyone knows Dropbox, but if you don’t, it is a must for all students. You can use it to save your work, share it with other users and access it at any time, any place.

4. Mint is an app that will help you stop wasting money on unnecessary things. Budget management is one of the greatest responsibilities that mint-logocome with your new life, and Mint will help you solve it effortlessly.

5. Federal Student Aid is the most important resource for all students interested in getting informed on the FAFSA process and all other details they need about the loans that are at their disposal.

6. Merit Aid is the most extensive online directory of merit-based scholarships that can help you get the education you aim for without spending a fortune for it.

7. Wunderlist is one of the greatest time-management apps that students can use for free on any device. You can do virtuallyWunderlist every organizational activity with this app, including to-do lists and reminders. In addition, you can also collaborate with other users in order to coordinate your team projects.

8. Google Scholar is your new favorite search engine. It will help you find nearly all information you will need for your academic writing projects.

9. Project Gutenberg provides you with access to thousands of free e-books, so you will easily find the book needed for your literature class.

10. FinAid is a website where you can calculate how much your education will cost and how much financial aid you need to get.

11. Campus to Career is a blog that every college student must read. The posts will help you realize the importance of college education for your future career, so you will make the transition from studies to employment as painless as possible.

12. InternQueen is a website that helps students find internships and get valuable advice on writing resumes, interviewing, dress code, and healthy lifestyle.

13. ExamTime is a free online learning platform that allows students and teachers to create, discover and share Flashcards, teaching techniquesMind Maps, Study Planner & other resources. Collaborate online with personalized study groups and study planners.

14. The Daily Muse is a website all students love. It features great career advice, as well as interviews with inspiring persons.

Get Ready to Seize Opportunities!

When you start college, everything became different and you suddenly become an adult regardless whether or not you were ready for such a dramatic change. You have to think about your future career and the path that your life is going to take after you graduate from college, and every single grade you get is an important part of that plan.

The above-listed resources will help you stay organized and calmed in every stressful situation you experience during your years at college.

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