New on ExamTime: Favourite Study Resources

Choose your ‘Favourite’ Study Resources

When you have several study resources available it’s often difficult to quickly find the ones that you like the most or find most useful for your studying and learning process.

Thanks to our new ExamTime release today, you can mark your favourite study resources to ‘bookmark’ the ones you wish to easily visit at a later stage. You can add a study resources created by you, whether it is a Mind Map, Flashcard, Quiz or Note, or simply Favourite a study aid created by others that you love!


How to Mark a Study Resource as a Favourite

To mark a Mind Map, Flashcard, Quiz or Note as a favourite, open it and click the start in the top menu bar of ExamTime. Once clicked, the start will turn yellow so that you can identify it as a favourite one.


free mind maps online

To see a full “Favourites” list, go to the drop down menu underneath your name on the right hand side corner of ExamTime and click on “Favourites”.


free mind maps online


Achieve Exam Success with ExamTime!

We are adding more and more ExamTime features to help improve the way you learn and achieve exam success. Keep up with our blog to get the best study tips to survive exam season by boosting your performance on exam day.

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