New on ExamTime: Groups

Today we are very excited to have launched our new “Groups” feature! This will make it easier to connect, collaborate and discuss on subjects that you are interested in.

study groups

Groups do exactly what they say which may sound quite simple but the benefits they can bring are anything but! Putting it simply,they are a group of users who are all interested in a certain topic. When you are in a group, the pool of knowledge with which you can approach your chosen subject/topic grows vastly.

We think groups have the potential to be a great asset to everyone’s learning. Using the collective brains of everyone on ExamTime is a fantastic way of getting the most out of your study.

Anyone can create a group and invite whoever they wish to join. It’s up to the person who creates a group to decide who can join.

Once you are a member of the group you can start discussion, share resources and post comments. Each Group then becomes its own community where everyone helps everyone else out. You can even share your resources (either as read-only or ‘copy and edit‘) and get all the members of a group to review your resource, add what they think is appropriate and then send it back!

study groups

We think that Groups will be perfect for teachers and students alike. Teachers can add their students, share resources and facilitate discussions.

Students on the other hand can create study groups and either study with a select few friends or their entire class.

We are really excited about groups and we hope you are too. So get started by creating your first Group and inviting your friends now!

p.s. You have noticed we’ve changes the Dashboard and Navigation system, for an overview of these updates, read here.

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