New Site Navigation and Timeline

Site Updated

We updated the site this morning. We moved things around to make it easier to navigate. Read on below for a full account of the changes we made. If you have any thoughts or queries make sure and let us know here.

The Action Arrow

action arrow

The first thing you’ll notice is that the create buttons are no longer on-screen; don’t panic! From now on, in order to create a resource, you need to click on the action arrow beside the examtime logo. When you click on the arrow a large drop-down appears that houses all your ‘Create’ and ‘Explore’ options.

drop down

Context Specific Header

When you click on, for example, the pink mindmap button, you’ll be brought to the mindmap canvas. You’ll notice that the header is now pink. This is because the header is now context specific; it will inform you where you are within the site at all times. It will be orange for Flashcards, red for Questions and green for Quizzes.

The action toolbar is now gone as well. Instead, you’ll find an action dropdown located in the header. This will show you all the options available for the feature you are working on.

context banner

Filterable Timeline

Previously, we had context specific timelines on each page. However, we thought this took up too much room and so decided to put the timeline in its own separate area and make it filterable. This means that when you click on your timeline you see all your goals, all the resources you created, all the social activity and any other general updates that occurred since you joined examtime. However, you can filter this by using the left-hand sidebar.


So, What’s Next?

Although all these changes will improve Examtime and help you all study smarter we haven’t added any new features today. However, we will be very, very soon! So make sure you check back regularly to see what it is! You won’t want to miss it.

-The Examtime Team


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