New ExamTime Study Tool: Notes Software!

Introducing our Note Taking Software Tool!

This week at ExamTime HQ we have released a brand new study tool to help you study and learn better.  We are very excited to introduce our Notes software tool to you all!

Here is an example of our Notes tool. Click on any of the content or pages to see what you can do with this fantastic new feature:

We designed the note taking software tool with students and teachers in mind. It’s a free online study tool that can help you at every stage of your note-taking and study content creation, whether furiously scribbling in class or diligently preparing for your final exams, our Notes tool will help you learn.

You can quickly capture your thoughts and consolidate the thoughts of others, whether you are sharing your notes with fellow students, teachers or colleagues in the workplace, in one place to ensure you’re getting the most from your study and your study content.
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The way our notes tool achieves this is by allowing you to capture text in a quick and fluid motion. Click anywhere on the canvas and you can instantly start typing. Click again and you can quickly start jotting down thoughts as they come to you.

It can be a chaotic mess of online study notes, work tips, or personal information, or an ordered paradise; it all depends on your own personality and the context you find yourself in. Your own personal “mess” of study notes can then be created into the best study resources for you.

Our main aim when designing our online Notes tool was enabling students to use the notes they take in class and build upon them. Achieving this ensures that they have a comprehensive study resources that helps them prepare come exam time. Since numerous studies have shown that reviewing your study notes on a regular basis will improve your recall, thinking of your note as being in a constant state of progress ensures you will retain more info.

We feel that our Notes software complements our Mind map, Flashcards and Study Quiz tools and gives Examtime a well-rounded online study resource. You can incorporate all your outside influences via the Notes you create and use these as the catalyst that helps motivate your study.


Advanced Notes Features

You can add multiple study pages and easily flick between them so you can classify different info all within the same study resource. Whether you want to take notes arranged by days of the week or the chapters in your book, you can do so as you see fit.

These tasks are easy and quick to complete but our notes software also houses more advanced features such as being able to:

  • upload images
  • insert links to external sites
  • embed videos, audio or slideshows

Using these features your study notes become living documents where you can incorporate a wealth of knowledge on your chosen topic.

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We feel that our Notes tool complements our Mind map, Flashcard and Study Quiz tools and makes ExamTime an even more well-rounded and complete study platform. You can incorporate all your outside study resources via the Notes software you create and use these as the catalyst that helps motivate your study.

So make sure you incorporate our Notes software tool into your study routine. Sign-up or Log In to create you first note now!

-The Examtime Team


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