New Features: Set Study Goals, New Sidebar & More

We’ve been busy here at Examtime over the past few weeks. Today, we’ve implemented a couple of new features to make your studying experience that much sweeter. If you log in today you’ll see these new features:

Subject, Goal and Friends Timeline

Last month we introduced the Timeline for your Dashboard. This timeline shows everything you’ve created and your upcoming Goals. Well, now you can get context specific timelines. This means if you go into a Subject, you will see a Timeline showing only the information relevant to that Subject, go to your Goals and you’ll see a Timeline of just your Goals or go to your Friends page and see a Timeline of just the information relating to them! This makes finding info easier and quicker!

The Timelines are highlighted in red below:

subject timeline

Subject Timeline

goals timeline

Goals Timeline

profile timeline

Profile Timeline

Friends Sidebar

You’ll also notice that on the Dashboard you can see a Friend’s Sidebar. This will help you study smarter by helping you be aware of what your friends are up to.



Recently Access Sidebar

Under the Friends Sidebar you’ll see the Recently Used Sidebar. This shows the last resources you were using. This will make it quicker for you to navigate around and will also remind you what you were working on the last time you were logged in! You can also view the Recently Used anywhere in the site by clicking on the little clock on the header. Both areas show you the last 5 resources you accessed.


recently used


You can also view the Recently Used anywhere in the site by clicking on the little clock on the header. Both areas show you the last 5 resources you accessed.

recently accessed button


Rename option

You can also now rename your resources so now there is no  need to worry about typos anymore!  You can find the rename option in the toolbar. When you click on a pop up will appear asking you to input a new title. You can rename your resources at anytime.



Rename button in toolbar


Rename pop-up



Bye-bye pop-up!

We also made it easier to create study resources by removing the title pop-up. Before, when you click on the create buttons, you had to enter your title in first. Now, when you click on the create options you are brought straight into the feature .

So, for a Mindmap you are brought to the central node and prompted to enter a title in the box. For a Mindmap the title in the central node is the title of the resource itself.


Mindmap no pop

With a Flashcard, the deck is automatically named ‘untitled’. You can rename it by clicking on the rename button in the toolbar.


flash no pop


A Quiz works the same way as the Flashcards, by using the rename button in the toolbar


quiz no pop


Ok, that’s all for now, more updates coming soon! Make sure you check back here, check out our newsletters or join us on Facebook to keep up-to-date. If you have any ideas of your own that you think we should implement or any thoughts on these new features make sure and comment below or send us your feedback!

-The Examtime Team


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