Northeastern University: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go

What: Northeastern UniversityExamTime

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

When: Founded in 1898

Who: 21,259 students

Northeastern University is Wicked Awesome and Here Are 10 Reasons Why…

FYI: This was written by Alex O’Connor, a marketing student in the School of Business, with some advice from other Huskies! So whether you’re contemplating to apply or at home missing Northeastern, this post is for you. And as any Northeastern student will tell you, NU is an amazing school and is one of the best in Boston.

1. Fantastic Co-Op Program

Northeastern’s co-op program is definitely one of the top reasons that makes the university so amazing. If you’re not already aware, students at NU complete a 5-year program with three 6-month long co-ops that provide real-world work experience at prominent companies all over the world. Not only do the students get paid and graduate with more stacked resumes than most other students, but also many times they get full-time offers after graduation. It really is a win-win-win situation.

2. Beautiful Campus in Boston

Unlike most of the universities in Boston, Northeastern actually has a real “campus feel” while still enjoying all the perks of being in the middle of one of the best cities in the world. The minute that Spring rolls along with the first warm sunny day, students flock to Centennial Common and lounge around on the grass or in the Adirondack chairs.  Northeastern is also very close to Fenway Park, which is just a quick walk through the Fens, (if you’re lucky enough to get tickets to a Red Sox game).  But for those rainy days, students can go to the Museum of Fine Arts for free and it is located just a hop and a skip away from the NU.

3. The Marino Center

ExamTimeThe Marino Center is an absolutely incredible gym. Not only can you burn some calories on all of the state-of-the-art equipment (including a rock wall and multiple basketball/ volleyball/ broomball/ floor hockey courts), but you can also gain them all back if you head down to Au Bon Pain or Boloco, conveniently located on the ground floor.

4. Super Accessible

ExamTimeAs much as the T sucks (and most Bostonians would agree that it’s not the best subway system out there), having the Green Line run right through the campus does have it perks, especially on the morning commute to your co-op. Also if you’re ever feeling too lazy to walk to the Prudential Center for some midday shopping, it’s got your back.

5. Diverse Clubs and Organizations

It would be a shame if a student at Northeastern didn’t take advantage of all of the awesome clubs and organizations that are offered at the university. Have any strange or eclectic interests? Don’t worry, there most likely is already a club for it! If not, you can easily just start a new club in no time! Think you know everything about Northeastern? Take this quiz and see how much you actually know!

6. Rebecca’s Cafe

ExamTimeIf you haven’t been lucky enough to taste a sandwich from Rebecca’s Café, you’re truly missing out and need to go right now and pay an absurd amount of money for one. Trust me, it’s worth it. They even have wraps and sandwiches ready to go (made fresh that day, of course) if you’re in a rush to get back to work.

7. International Study Programs

Northeastern offers hundreds of different international study programs in a variety of countries all around the world. With the diverse student body, it is no surprise that many students wish to study abroad or even work at a co-op abroad. With programs in over 50 countries, there are so many opportunities for you to see the world.

8. Ice Hockey

ExamTimeWhat better way to show husky pride than to dress in Northeastern’s colors (red and black) and go to Matthews Arena for a hockey game? There is seriously no better feeling than getting pumped up in the doghouse section and screaming our chants among fellow huskies.

9. Small Class Sizes

As most students at Northeastern University will tell you, class sizes pretty much average at around 30-50 students, which makes it really easy to get to know your fellow classmates and professors. All of Northeastern’s professors are great and always readily available if you ever need any help.

10. Close-by Bars

ExamTimeIt wouldn’t be right to exclude the bars that are conveniently located on/close to campus. After a long, hard day in classes or at co-op, it’s always nice to grab some drinks at Connor Larkins (affectionately called “Connor’s”) or go to Our House East (simply, “Our House”) for a last stop after a night on the town.

For all of you prospective students, I hope this gave you a nice little insight to reason you should apply to Northeastern.  And don’t worry about getting in, here at ExamTime we want to support you by offering as many resources as possible to help you study for your SATs, ACTsAPs, and class exams.  For all you guys who already go to Northeastern, I hope this was a nice reminder of why you love being a Husky, and remember if you need any help studying, check out ExamTime. ExamTime is a free online learning platform that offers you numerous study tools and resources that are proven to be effective, such as Mind MapsFlashcards (like the one above), Quizzes, and Study Planners.  Sign up now to get free access!

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