New on ExamTime: Printing

Print your Resources

Studying online is the new norm for most students but sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing. That is why we’ve listened to your feedback and worked hard on introducing printing for your resources.

So now you can print all your resources whether they’re a Mindmap, Flashcard, Quiz or Note.

Guide to Printing Your Resources

Printing your resources is simple. For MindMaps, Flashcard and Quizzes your printing options are housed under the ‘Actions’ drop-down.

fc print


With Mindmaps you have the further option of printing the visible area. This means you can zoom in on an area of your MindMap and only print that section. The normal print option will print the whole mindmap. These are also under the ‘Actions’ drop-down.

mm print visible area


With Notes you need to print the page. This is beside your media options. You can’t miss it!

notes print


Think of the Trees!

Now you know how to print to your hearts content ! But please…

lovejoy 1










Printing was a feature that many of you sugguested to us. If you have any thoughts on what we should add next to improve ExamTime, let us know here

-The ExamTime Team





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