Stay Focused: Archive Your Past Subjects with ExamTime

Every academic year starts with new subjects and a fresh syllabus. Diving into the unknown is a large part of the excitement of starting a new school year but it can also be slightly scary at the same time.

However, there is an added advantage of a going back to school; you won’t need to go study subjects you dislike again, at least for a while. This is your opportunity for a fresh start so relish this new challenge.

Returning back to school is a time full of distractions and new learning experiences. Make the most of the new school year by staying focused using our latest study feature “Subject Archiving“. This new functionality will help you manage your study material better than ever by moving past subjects to your archive meaning you can get focused. Your Subjects area will now be filled with the topics you are currently working on for your course so you can easily keep on track.

As you know, we have made huge improvements to the Subjects area recently, to help you easily manage and track your study. Archiving your past subjects is the natural next step in the process.

How to Archive your Subjects

How archiving works is very simple. Go into any Subject you consider that you have “mastered” and simply move it into your Archive. Once filed as archived, you will not see it in your Subjects area any more.

Study Organisation: Archiving

This does not mean that you will no longer be able to access it. Along with all related resources; your access to any subjects you have archived remains intact. In addition, you can revert this action any time by restoring the Subject to the Subjects area if you to decide to continue learning about that topic.

You will find any archived subjects by clicking “Archive” on the drop-down menu under your username on the top right-hand side of the ExamTime header.

Study Organisation: Archiving

Stay Focused

This great feature gives you further control over how you manage your resources. So, if you are the type of person that likes to tick off a topic as complete, you will love this option! This functionality is free for any ExamTime Premium user!

Eager to start managing your subjects better for the new school year? Start archiving your old subjects now.

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