15 Words That Get Lost In Translation

Languages are funny things and inevitably some things are probably going to get lost in translation. Some words however, are totally untranslatable and are very unique to their own dialect. You might think, well blue is azul in Spanish and 蓝色 in Chinese, so ya things get a little confusing… Read More

6 Types of Learners, Which One Are You?

Did you know there are 6 different types of learners? Determining which type of learner you are can significantly boost your chances of performing better when it comes to exam time. Familiarizing yourself with your own best practices for study is crucial for retaining information in a particular subject. Below… Read More

How To Avoid Summer Learning Loss

This blog post will help parents and students understand how to keep mentally active during the summer months. We’ve all heard of the dreaded summer learning loss. This is the end result of long summers spent away from the classroom and a structured environment. The summer months actively hinders a… Read More

Snow Day? No Way With E-Learning

As the ‘Snow day’ continues to burden parents and teachers across America, some students share in their parents despair while others will allow themselves a sneaky grin. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, this article is aimed at the greater good. When I was in school a snow… Read More