Student Story: How I Use ExamTime for Collaborative Learning

Below is an ExamTime story about how sisters Selam and Niat use ExamTime to collaborate.

I’ve Always Struggled to Find a Way to Study on My Own

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then Selam and Niat’s story will help you overcome your struggle. Selam and Niat are typical American teenagers who have a thirst for knowledge, want to do their best in school and achieve high test scores. After being disappointed using other learning sites, Selam spotted ExamTime as a recommended study resource on her teacher’s class website. Since it’s free she thought – why not?!

Trying ExamTime for the first time, she knew that it would be useful for her studies. Our tools give students information in a different way to traditional learning which suit different learning styles and preferences. “I love all the features on ExamTime! They are all beneficial in some way or another”. She finds the Mind Map tool particularly useful as they show information in a creative yet organized way.

Deciding that ExamTime was too special to keep to herself, she started spreading the word to her classmates, teachers and her sister. Selam’s sister Niat then began using the tools to create study aids on a range of subjects including Spanish, Science, English and Social Studies.

See an example of a Flashcard deck created by Niat with everyday Spanish words  below:

Technology Opens Many Possibilities for Students & Teachers

Although the girls are in different grades, they use ExamTime to collaborate by commenting on resources with helpful advice and highlighting useful information to each other. Collaborating in this way has opened up so many possibilities for the girls. “Students who collaborate to learn will become successful in life after school”. This comment demonstrates another reason why students should work together. Teamwork is also a prominent part of university life and many professions so it’s also a plus for your résumé.

students mind map

Both girls also share resources with their classmates. “I like this because people can give me advice and tell me some other things I didn’t know about before”. Along with sharing resources and advice on ExamTime, Selam and Niat like to invite more friends to use the platform and add classmates to Groups.

The sisters have been ExamTime members for over one year and continue to recommend our platform as a useful study website. “No matter how much you are struggling in a class, if you have ExamTime and study hard, you will definitely get a really good grade”. We thank them for their help spreading the word about us and wish them the best of luck in the future. We hope this story has given you some ideas on how you can collaborate with your classmates to reduce your workload and use the latest technology in your learning.

At ExamTime, we actively encourage collaborative learning both in and out of the classroom which is why we provide many options to share via email and social media plus with friends or a Group on ExamTime. Our Groups tool is a private area which was specifically designed for collaboration and project-based work where invited friends can share learning resources and host a discussion.

Discover the benefits of studying together and a new way to work together using ExamTime here.

If you have a story to share about how ExamTime has help you achieve your study goals, drop us a line and let us know about it! Not an ExamTime member? Get started on your path to collaborative learning here…

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