Technology in Education: Teacher Guide 2014/2015

Teacher Guide 2014One of your teaching goals this year may be to discover new ways to incorporate technology in education and we’ve got just the thing to help you achieve this with our free teacher guide.

Moving towards classroom 2.0 can enhance student’s learning experience and allow you to connect with the rest of the world. In the fast-paced environment of teaching, any bit of support is greatly appreciated. We have worked hard to contribute to your goal of creating a modern classroom environment to benefit your students. Last year our popular guide for students introduced a number of ways to introduce technology into the study routine.  This year however, such was the success of the student guide, we have created a guide for teachers too.

In this guide you can explore various teaching techniques and tips we hope will broaden your horizon when it comes to technology in education. Best of all, it’s free! To download the guide all you need to do is perform a social action (share via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus) and you can access the guide in PDF format immediately.

Download the Ultimate Teacher’s Guide for free:


Technology in education: Teacher Guide

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Contents of the Teacher Guide 2014/2015

The ideas we have included are practical examples that can be used in every classroom around the world. For this reason, we recommend you Join for free before you start reading it. After that, have a look at just some of the areas we cover and then decide if this guide is for you:

  • The Powers of the Modern Teacher
  • Ideas for the Educational Use of Mind Maps
  • The Benefits of Digital Notes & Study Groups
  • Encouraging Collaborative Learning
  • The “Inverted Class” or “Flipped Classroom”
  • Twitter In The Classroom: Ideas For Teachers
  • Google & Education: Get the Most out of the Search Engine
  • Ready-made Resources for Use in the Classroom

And trust us, there are lots more tips to help you integrate technology in education included. The guide is designed to help you get the most out of your academic year so it’s jam-packed with teaching ideas and activities for your classroom.

What teaching ideas are you trying for the first time this year? Share your thoughts below.

Student Guide: Top Tips & Tricks to Study Better

Student Guide 2014Want to give your students the best advice to help them achieve their study goals? Share the Ultimate Study Guide for 2014 with your students to encourage them to develop their learning goals, avoid procrastination and much more – it’s completely free to download.

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