Top 10 Reasons to Attend the University of Texas at Dallas


What: The University of Texas at Dallas

Where: Richardson, Tx

When: Founded in 1969

Who: 21, 193

The top 10 reasons why The University of Texas at Dallas is the best, from a UTD student who knows:

1. There are over 100 academic programs available to choose from at the University of Texas at Dallas for all of your major changing/“I-don’t know-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life” moments.

2. There are plenty of opportunities to get scholarships/financial aid while attending. You know, so you have money for all the Ramen noodles and Red Bull you’ll be consuming.

3. The University of Texas at Dallas chess team is a force to be reckoned with. We also have a life-size chess board. Game on.

4. For those like me who appreciate every precious second of sleep possible, UTD’s campus is small enough to get from one end to the other in roughly 15-20 minutes. University-of-Texas-at-Dallas

5. While Ramen noodles and Red Bull are absolutely delicious seven days of the week, the eating options on and around campus are also superb. If you prefer Ramen noodles and Red Bull, you can conveniently get them on campus in these places.

6. UTD is the bee’s knees as far as fun times go as well. While we maintain a certain pride in our nerdy tendencies and high rankings in the University of Texas system, there are always lots of fun activities going on on campus, as well as easy access to a large amount of shopping and entertainment within a small six-mile radius.

7. Whether you’re a little shy or a total social butterfly, Comet Camp is an avenue that allows incoming freshman to engage with one another and make friends through a weekend of fun in the sun.

8. In case you haven’t heard enough about the plethora of the highly enjoyable events that take place at the University of Texas at Dallas, here are Freshman Convocation and Welcome Week. You’re welcome. Pun intended.

9. With world renowned professors, and highly ranked academic programs, the University of Texas at Dallas is known for being the best bang for your buck as far as universities in Texas go.

10. If you are Grecian and you know it, join one of our 20 fraternity/sorority chapters. *clap, clap*

Flip through this flashcard deck to visually explore some of what makes the University of Texas at Dallas such a wonderful place to go to school:

by nina.stuer14

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