The University of Guelph: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go

university of guelphWhat: University of Guelph

Where: Guelph, Ontario

When: Founded in 1964

Who: 27,000 students

The University of Guelph is Great, Here’s 10 Reasons Why…

FYI: This was written by an actual Gryphon who’s going into her final year as a Bcomm student at UoG, so you can be reassured that this is the real deal. Whether you’re contemplating coming to Guelph, in the midst of your degree or suffering from some university separation anxiety, this post is for you. As any student who goes here will vouch, this University is definitely one of the greats.

1. The Cannon

“Old Jeremiah” or the cannon is definitely the most well known mid-campus monument that has become a daily spectacle, evolving from dragon, to flower, to whatever smorgasbord of campus pride students decide to paint it as, all depending on who is willing to stay up all night protecting their artistry.

2. Puppies

Need I say more? The guide dogs in training that sprinkle the campus with cuteness are the reason 99% of students actually venture to campus during the winter. One look into the sappy eyes of one of these puppies will warm your heart, make the world right again, and let you momentarily forget about that looming 20 page chemlab you haven’t started.

3. FOOD!

Vegan, halal, gluten free, local – you name, they’ve got it. U of Guelph has continually won best campus food in Canada for a reason and not only because it’s insanely delicious and conveniently located everywhere on campus, but it’s also actually affordable – bring on that freshman 15!

Click and flip through some ExamTime Flashcards below and see which restaurants we chose as being the best for students in Guelph!

4. Great city

Guelph has many a time been named one of the top ten cities to live in in Canada for a variety of reasons; it’s progressive, clean and as safe as they come. Basically the closest thing to organized crime that Guelph has are the overly confident squirrels that might try and take a bite of your lunch.

5. J-Green

Johnston green is the lovely green open space located infront of the famous Johnston Hall. It’s the perfect place on a sunny fall day to study, throw a frisbee or watch the quidditch team practice. It’s also home to one epic April 20th celebration so if you’re in the area and smell something a little ‘skunky’ don’t be alarmed, it’s just the students showing their appreciation.

johnston hall u of guelph6. Mack Attack

There are more Mack, Mac, Macs, Macn etc. buildings on campus than UoG students know what to do with. Sure it can make it especially confusing to meet up with people, but it’s perfect for all those disoriented freshmen because they can at least pretend and make it sound like they know where they’re going. “Ya I’m headed to MACK…..”

7. Top Tier

The University of Guelph is consistently ranked as the most research intensive and comprehensive university in Canada which is accredited to the amazing professors and faculty that house the university. It also doesn’t hurt that the school is home to a super cool cow that has a hole in its stomach that you can reach your hand into.

8. “Extracurricular’s”

Yes, partying counts as an extracurricular and Guelph students definitely know how to do it right. Every night of the week you can count on the bars being full, whether at Trappers, Brass Taps, Franks, The Ranch or Trappers, there’s always some cheap special on that gives students the perfect excuse to party at inappropriate times (like in the middle of finals, oops).

9. Green

The students and the university itself are both equally green centered, environmentally conscious, and sustainability focused. U of Guelph does an amazing job of making sure that every aspect of its school is doing their part to help the planet. There’s even a full arboretum just steps off campus where students can actually go and hug trees.

10. Student Support

U of Guelph does an exceptional job of making sure it’s students are happy and healthy. There are groups, guides, and networks galore for any and all issues and ailments students may be dealing with, both minor and catastrophic. This makes for one genuinely pleasant student body who are happy to call themselves Gryphons.

Con… Unfortunately, ‘exam season’ isn’t when the agriculture students go and harvest exams.

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For all you Guelph students who read this, I hope I didn’t wind your toy too much, and for those prospective students, I hope this gave you some good insight into why you should choose to attend Guelph in the fall. That’s what the team at ExamTime wants to do, offer students as many resources as they can, and ones that are real, effective and actually helpful.

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