Top 10 Weirdest University Courses

No matter what you want to study, there is definitely a university course available for you. The variety of academic courses offered has grown considerably in recent years. As a result, we have discovered some pretty weird university courses from across the globe to share with you.

Yes, as weird as it sounds, you can now become an expert on David Beckham or Harry Potter or why not learn how to watch TV properly? Below, we have listed the most unique, strange and amazing university courses in the world.


The 10 Weirdest University Courses

#1: The Simpsons and Philosophy

SimpsonsThis peculiar course at the University of California, Berkeley examines the popular animated series from the perspective of philosophers such as Plato and Nietzsche, among others. Two college credits to watch The Simpsons, what more could you ask for?


#2 David Beckham

David BeckhamThe Staffordshire University in England offers this unique course based on the iconic football player and media star, David Beckham. In this 12 week course you will study his different haircuts, his marriage to Victoria Beckham and his status as “the subject of many fantasies”. Ladies, reserve your place!


#3 The Sociology of Fame and Lady Gaga

Lady gagaIf David Beckham is not your style, there is another alternative: Lady Gaga. This course, available at the University of South California, is taught by Lady Gaga’s biggest fan; a teacher of the singer who has attended more than 30 concerts.  The course covers Lady Gaga’s career by analysing her character and rise to fame.  Are you a “Little Monster”?


#4 Fat Studies

Fat studiesThe George Washington University offers a course focusing a major problem, obesity. It examines everything related to obesity through film, literature, anthropology and even through conferences held by people suffering from being overweight.


#5 Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion

university coursesWe couldn’t miss this! If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, this university course, offered by University of Durham in Britain, is for you. Despite the catchy title, this course doesn’t teach you how to cast spells but how J.K. Rowling’s work reflects modern society, examining issues such as prejudice and citizenship.


#6 Feel The Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way

university coursesSimply great! Queen’s University Belfast makes the dreams of many Star Wars fans come true with this university course. Students will learn about the psychological techniques behind Jedi mind tricks. The course also examines wider issues behind the Star Wars universe such as balance, destiny, dualism, fatherhood and fascism.


#7 Maple Syrup

university coursesYum maple syrup! Do you like it enough to do a course at university about it? The Alfred University in New York teaches a course focused exclusively on the process of producing maple syrup  and how the process has changed over the years.


#8 How to Watch TV

The Montclair State University has created this appealing course that teaches you how to “watch TV properly”. Furthermore, it examines the role of television in the modern family, among many other topics. It’s the perfect excuse to watch TV when studying!


#9 Zombie Studies

university coursesThe zombie movie cult is massively popular especially with younger generations. If you’re a fan of the cult, you might think about enrolling in this university course.  This University of Baltimore course analyses zombie movies and shows such as “The Walking Dead”, “28 Days Later” and “Zombieland”.


#10 Bowling Industry Management

So far, we’ve looked at a variety of strange university courses.  But this is different; a university fully dedicated to bowling! The Vincennes University of Indiana, will teach you everything about the sport so you can become a bowling expert.


Do you study a weird university course? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it to our list!


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