Train and Develop Staff for Increased Customer Service

GoConqr makes creating and sharing learning material easier, allowing hospitality companies to train new and existing staff effectively.

GoConqr solutions are helping Hospitality Companies deliver..

Health & Safety Training

Create and distribute your own training courses and certifications.
Explore our sample Health & Safety TrainingCourse

Customer Service

Ensure sales staff know what they need to deliver excellent service
Try out our sample Customer Service training Course

New Staff Onboarding

Get new staff up to speed quickly and efficiently
Explore what's possible with a sample Staff Induction Course

Ongoing Assessment

Maintain high standards with ongoing product assessments
Create product overviews like this sample Beverage Course

Improve Service Levels by Delivering Engaging Training

In hospitality, you are only as good as your last service. Therefore ensure staff members have the required knowledge to deliver your expected level of service is critical.

We’ve developed a solution to make it easier for you to manage and control your training programs for new and experienced staff.

Introducing GoConqr, a training solution that helps you improve knowledge by giving you tools to develop Courses and the options to distribute them – allowing you to control and assess knowledge and standards.

Take Control of Compliance & Service Training

Create online Courses and Quizzes that allow remote teams to quickly learn in a manner that reduces service interruption.

Health & Safety

Train and certify new staff members in HCAPP and other standards through engaging Courses with assessment, certification and reporting:

View a sample Food & Health Safety Training Course

Customer Service

Ensure new staff know what’s expected of them whilst maintaining high standards across existing staff by creating your own bespoke Customer Service training

Explore our sample Customer Service Training Course

A Smarter Way to Knowledge Share

GoConqr distribution and reporting features allow easy access of material for all staff. Send via email, embed on your website or use our platform, the choice is yours.

SmartLinks enables you to send courses and quizzes via an email, as unique links. These private and secure links capture the users' data and record test results. Recipients access the material instantly, no login or signup required.

SmartEmbeds allows you to embed courses or quizzes on a website and get tracking information on who accessed and how they performed. Perfect for on-site learning.

Both these tools are included within our plan Premium+.To find out more about pricing and get a premium plan today, visit our plans page.

A Solution Developed for Training & Knowledge

Our award winning learning platform has a range of tools that allow you to easily create and distribute your training materials so that you are always in control of staff knowledge levels.

The GoConqr Courses tool has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a learning topic.

Create a variety of resources using our Flowcharts, Flashcards, Notes, Slides or Mind Map tools. Add existing material such as videos or pdf documents. Or simply use the Quiz tool to test the knowledge of teams on a ongoing basis.

You are Always in Control

To build a solution that works for hospitality companies, we have focussed on security, flexibility, and control. With GoConqr it’s easy to get started creating and distributing content, so that you can spend more time on recruiting staff and developing your business.

Developed to help you succeed:

- Certification and Reporting allowing you to monitor staff compliance

- Integrate existing pdf’s or training videos in courses

- Mobile access to enable remote and anytime access

- Wide range of learning tools

- Full range of privacy options

Whether you are looking to train new staff, manage compliance levels or improve customer service, GoConqr has the right solution for you.

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