ExamTime Release: New Sharing Options and Better Flashcards

ExamTime Release news!!! A few weeks ago we released our brand new Notes tool. Your response to this has been fantastic but here at ExamTime we never stop improving our tools!

So, today we have added even more new features. Read on for a quick overview of what’s new today!

Discoverable Resources

Learning becomes more effective within a community. Today we are delighted to announce the release of a number of new features to the ExamTime platform that enable you to share and showcase your resources. From now on your resources are discoverable. This means they can be shared with non-examtime users.

Share via Link

Now, if you wish, you can share your learning resources with the world, not just ExamTime friends! You can send a link with a friend or colleague even if they’re not a member of ExamTime and they will be able to view that resource.  So after spending an afternoon studying, you can go on Facebook or Twitter and swap resources with your friends to ensure you all cover as much as possible and get their input. You could even send it on to your teacher to get their feedback! That’s a sure-fire way of becoming a teacher’s pet!

Embed Your Resources

Make your blog or webpage come alive with your ExamTime content! You can now embed your resources in webpages. So, you can spice up your blog or website by incorporating our tools and your readers will be able to flip through a Flashcard deck or take a Quiz!

This is very exciting for ExamTime as it brings our tools and all your fantastic content to a greater audience! So, make sure you show off your resources by embedding them (see some examples below).

For a more comprehensive guide to sharing and embedding your resources check here.

Create More Resources!

No one like restrictions (even on a free product!) so today we increased everyone’s quota! We implemented a new system which will allow everyone to create more resources. From now on new users will be given a 100 discoverable resources and 5 private resources. So now there is no stopping you from creating your learning resources!

Images in Flashcards

Another of today’s updates is something a lot you have been asking for! We are very happy to finally have it in place. You can now upload images into a Flashcard. You can have images on both sides or conversely, have text on one and image on the other. This is a fantastic addition to an already fantastic tool! We look forward to seeing what great examples you all make!

Here are a couple examples we made to get the creative juices flowing (these are also examples of embedded resources 🙂 )!

For all you history buffs out there, you can have an gander at all the singers of the American Declaration of Independence :

by PatrickNoonan

For those of you with wander-lust you can start by learning the Flags of the World:

by PatrickNoonan


For most of you your Summer Exams are fast approaching so we hope these new additions will give you the edge you need to get ahead and study smarter!

We’ll be releasing even more updates very soon. We’ll keep you informed with our new ‘Announcements’ tool which will prompt you with any important info we need to share with you when you log in.

Any thoughts or ideas on these or any other updates make sure and get in touch.

-The ExamTime Team


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