From ExamTime To Brown & Beyond

For the past month, I was fortunate enough to visit Dublin, Ireland to do an internship in digital marketing with ExamTime. My goal was to experience a different culture and get some experience working in an online marketing team. I truly learned so much and loved getting to know the team at ExamTime—they’re a great crowd! I want to use this blog post as an opportunity to share a bit about my amazing experience.

About Me

First off, a bit about myself. My name is Menaka Sachdev and I am from the Boston Area. I graduated from a private working-at-examtimehigh school in Massachusetts called Milton Academy in the spring of 2013, and I have been travelling in South America, India, and Europe for the past several months as part of my gap year (taking a year off between high school and college). I will start at Brown University in the fall of 2014, and I could not be more excited!

When I started planning my gap year, I wanted to try and get some work experience in so I could learn a bit more about what I want to pursue at Brown University. The fields I have been most interested in lately are business, technology, and education, so doing digital marketing at ExamTime was actually a perfect fit because it combined so many of my interests.


I arrived to Dublin a bit intimidated and hesitant towards my experience as an intern. I had never done an internship before and it was my first time in a workplace environment. However, after even one day working with everyone at ExamTime, all of my hesitancy had disappeared. On my first day in the office they let me get involved, which was exactly what I was looking for. Right away, I got to start writing content for their pages on American exams like the SAT and ACT. Everyone on the marketing team was available and eager to teach me about the world of digital marketing. I was so impressed with the great material they were providing to US students for homework and standardized tests. I immediately thought to myself, “Wow I wish I had known about ExamTime when I was prepping for my exams!

My favorite part of working at ExamTime was that the team there actually really valued my insight and were not afraid to give me responsibility. It was really great to be able to share my knowledge of being a student in the US, specifically about how exams work in the US and about the student culture. It was apparent that the team at ExamTime is really passionate and committed to providing the ideal online learning platform, wherever you are in the world.

From a personal level, I felt I picked up so much in the short time I was with the team. It was a great introduction to the world of digital marketing. The team was very focused on creating great content that is of benefit to students and teachers. I also learned about how this content can be marketed and discovered through Search Ranking, Social Media Promotion and Outreach campaigns. I got an insight into how a marketing team works, how campaigns are devised, built, promoted and executed. The whole experience really fuelled my interest in the business and online marketing world.


Another huge benefit of the ExamTime experience was to work with colleagues from a range of countries. ExamTime isDublin a global product, and within the office there are people from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Brazil and Canada –as well as the Irish. It was great to get to mix with such a diverse and interesting bunch. Plus it’s a real eye opener to understand how country markets can be so different and need a varied marketing approach. Dublin as a city lived up to my expectations and more. There is so much history and it feels like there is a story or myth around every corner. And of course the much talked hospitality and craic do not disappoint!

I feel so grateful for my experience at ExamTime, and as a student, I wholeheartedly recommend ExamTime as a learning tool. During my internship, I learned so much about this great, free, online product. The team at ExamTime has been, and continues to be, ultra-committed to providing you with the ideal online learning platform so you can raise your grades and test scores. I feel so lucky to have experienced such a great work environment! Many thanks to everyone at ExamTime!



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