Announcing the Official Launch of ExamTime

127 product releases, 4 language versions, 938,195 study resources and 1 owl later, we are officially launching our complete ExamTime version! We first introduced ourselves in late September 2012, with our first beta version. Back then, we had light versions of a mind map tool, a flashcard maker and a quiz creator.

Big thanks to all our users who have helped shape ExamTime over the past 22 months (it would take too long to name you all!). Your feedback, comments, survey results and more gave us direction and insight. It started with some pioneering young souls, eager to see how online learning could help them succeed. Since then, that band of pioneers has been joined by a flourishing online community. We’ve listened to what you’ve had to say, and we built up ExamTime based on this feedback. Now it’s time to launch ExamTime into the big bad world, let it fly…

So before we move forward toward 1 million users and beyond, how about a quick re-cap of all the major features that have been added in beta phase – and there’s been plenty.

Here’s how ExamTime has evolved…

Evolution of ExamTime from Day 1

September 2012:
We’re a go-go! ExamTime launches with our initial beta version. 19 shrewd trail blazers signed up on our 1st day to transform their learning!

November 2012:
Be more sociable! Invite a Study Buddy via e-mail is introduced.

December 2012:
ExamTime Teacher QuoteGoals and timeline are released to help you plan and get some focus.

March 2013:
A biggie! Our Notes feature completed our comprehensive suite of learning tools. 222 notes were created on the 1st day.

April 2013:
No Easter break for us! We introduce a whole range of great new updates to enhance our tools and enable better collaboration:

  • Promote your genius to your friends – Share resources with your Friends
  • Promote your genius to the world – Embed resources into external websites
  • A picture tells a thousand words… Images are added to Flashcards

May 2013
The improvements to the tools kept coming.

  • student quoteStart tracking your progress – Flashcards score-tracking is introduced.
  • Flip me! Flipping all Flashcards at once
  • Delve a little deeper – Snippets added to Mind Maps
  • Re-attaching a Mind Map Node
  • Profile improvements – Tell us about yourself!

June 2013
June saw another big feature, Groups, as well as more improvements.

  • Grow your Tribe – Groups
  • “I like it” – Keep track of useful study resources with favourites
  • Print your Resources
  • Improved Dashboard and Navigation

July 2013
Our new calendar tool arrives to help you create your personal Study Plan in minutes.

August 2013:

  • ExamTime Parent QuoteSpruce up your Mind Maps with Images
  • Entering Mathematical Symbols and Equations with LaTeX

September 2013

  • Keep it between ourselves – Private Messaging
  • Bring ideas to life using Play Mode for Mind Maps

October 2013:
Instantly Turn Your Mind Maps into Notes

December 2013:
Quiz Improvements – Multiple Choice, Add images, Quiz timer, Question weighting & Random Order Questioning.

February 2014:
Social Learning Improvements – Alerts.

April 2014:
ExamTime Student QuoteA couple of big additions this month as ExamTime moves from being just a creation platform to somewhere you can analyse progress and productivity and also learn from others.

May 2014
More blockbusters! By now, ExamTime is firmly positioning itself as the best resource for viewing learning content there is!

June 2014
Google account sign-up and sign-in was added this month.

August 2014:
And now finally, our latest additions for launch time..

Wow! Take a bow, ExamTime dev team. Here’s quick summary of all our releases to date in Mind Map form.

It’s been a fun journey so far, but for us the Official Launch is only the end of the beginning. We’re hoping that you get more and more value from ExamTime as continue to further develop it. Thanks for your support so far and stay involved!


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