Summary: Latest ExamTime Features

What’s New?

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The ExamTime Team are always busy adding new study features and improving our Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes & Notes tools. We work closely with students and teachers with the aim to create the best elearning environment to help you improve your learning.

 The latest ExamTime features added in the last few months:


1. Study Planner

Our new Study Planner is the perfect tool for those of you heading back to school. It allows you to create a study timetable in a matter of minutes. You can make it as comprehensive as you wish but either way it will always be flexible.

Read our guide to creating your Study Planner.

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2. Study/Class Groups

education technologyA great new addition which allows you to create a group and invite your friends to join. You can share resources and start discussions in the group. This is perfect for classes, study groups or just sharing with your friends easily.


education technology3. Printing Your Resources

A much sought after update! You can print all your resources so you can get the most out of them. However, please think of the trees 🙂


4. View Mode

This makes it easier to view and discover resources. It also allows you to comment on resources, find relevant study aids and easily switch between view and edit mode.


5. Enter Mathematical Symbols

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You can now write complex mathematical symbols and formulas. It’s the perfect addition for studying maths and science-based subjects.

See our guide to entering mathematical symbols and equations.


6. Play Mode

We love the new Play Mode as it allows you to bring your ideas to life with numerous benefits for students and teachers. Play Mode in a nutshell means that you can press ‘Play’ and your Mind Maps and Notes become interactive. Try it for yourself!


7. Turn your Mind Maps into Notes

Your feedback has told us that you want to see more of a relationship between the resources. We’re working to do this and here’s our first step: Instantly transform your Mind Maps into Notes to expand your ideas and save time.


8. Images in Mind Maps

You’ve been able to add images to Flashcards and Notes for a while now. Now, you can add them to Mind Maps (and very soon you’ll be able to add them to Quizzes).

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9. Favourites

When you come across some really good resources, whether they are your own, your friends or any ExamTime user, you can now add them to your ‘Favourites‘. This is like bookmarking them so you can look at them later. If you’re a fan of Twitter, you will be used to this feature!

Click on the star button in the header to add a resource to your favourites. You can then see all your favourites by clicking on the top right-hand drop-down.


10. Copy and Edit Sharing

Previously you could only share a read-only copy of your resources. We thought this was a little static so now you can give your friends permission to ‘Take a Copy‘ of your resources and then they can edit it as they please. Hopefully they will share their improved version with their insights back with you!


11. Score Tracking for Flashcards

You can now mark which Flashcards you have learned and which ones still need revising. Just click on the I know/I don’t know buttons as you flip through your deck.

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