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learn a new skillWith many of you now on a well-deserved break from your studies (apologies if you’re not!), why not take this opportunity to learn something new with your time off. You may be delighted with your time off at first, but a certain level of boredom may arise as a result.

This is why we’ve decided to dedicate a series of blog posts to exploring projects for you to work on and build your skill set – just like when you first started riding a bike!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be running a number of helpful articles so that you can:

If you want us to add anything else to this list, please leave a comment below or on our Facebook fan page.

These blogs will help you dig into something you’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t have time to during the term when you were busy studying your other core subjects. Not to worry – now is your chance to fulfill your dreams of developing a top-selling mobile app or learn the Spanish lingo!

Keep up with the ExamTime blog to learn a new skill and broaden your horizon by opening up to new learning opportunities  – this is why we are describing these blogs as our “ExamTime New Skills” series. So, if you want to become an learn a new skill, simply follow our ExamTime blog to begin your learning journey.

If you have any ideas or skills you want to learn make sure and let us know too & join the conversation on Twitter at #ETNewSkills.


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