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The Origins of The Internet in Europe

To celebrate the end of our coding series we thought this beautifully designed history of the internet might be of interest to you. This is part of Google’s cultural institute another great collection of ideas and content.

history of internet

The Benefits of Education in the USA

The graph speaks for itself really…

education graph

Do you think this justifies the costs of University education across the USA?

If Students Designed Their Own Schools…

We’ve shared this video before on our Facebook but it’s really worth sharing again. This video explores how a group of students have taken charge of their own education and explore their own curiosity within the school system– a must watch for any interested in education and learning.

If you designed your own school, what would it look like? Let us know below!

Children’s Amazing Capacity for Self-Learning

This inspiring TED talk by Sugata Mitra explores his experiments and thoughts on how children are natural self-learning. He talks about some fantastic experiments about embedding computers in under-developed communities and how children’s curiosity allows the technology to thrive.


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