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“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organised, actionable elements.” 
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Yes, it is almost that time of year again. The back to school craze is upon us with many of you are already seated at your desks…

You are full of good intentions. “This year, I will get organised, stay on top my subjects, spend less time on Facebook etc.” Good intentions are fine, but unless you do things differently and are willing to make the change, you will end up with the same results and improvements will come at a minimum.

But, not to worry – ExamTime are here to help. We have just launched several great enhancements that allow you to organise your subjects, manage your resources, track your overall subject progress and find relevant resources easier. Kick start your new school year and put your best foot forward with our help.

Plan Your Course Subjects

Days, or even weeks before you are back in class, you will already know your course schedule. That means that you will know exactly what subjects and topics you will be covering in the next few months. Although you may not have realised it yet, this gives you a huge head start!

Knowing which areas you will be covering this term will help you plan and conduct your studies in an organised and productive way. That is why we have redesigned the Subjects and Topics area. It will help you;

  • See overall subject progress
  • Find related topic content
  • Manage you resources better

With our new analytics, you will understand where you stand when it comes to your learning requirements. That way you will be able to spend your time working on the areas that need it most.

Create Your Subjects Now

Subjects and Topics: What’s New

When you log onto your Subjects dashboard today, you will notice 4 new tabs on the far right-hand side of the Subject’s title.

Course curriculum - Subjects dashboard

Each area contains extremely powerful capabilities, helping you Organise, Discover, Track and Analyse your Performance over the past year.

  • Resources: a list of all your resources and topics
  • Manage: easily organise, track performance and update the information on your resources and topics
  • Analytics: see how you have progressed and analyse your performance
  • Related: discover resources related to your topics and subject


However, that is not all, each tab contains many more great functions that you will love, but we are not going to spoil all the surprises.

Uncover Your New Subject Features

How to Use the New Subjects to Succeed in your Studies

Now that you know what is possible, you can start using these features to your advantage. We have prepared a few simple tips for making the most out of your study this year:

  1. Create* your Subjects: create an ExamTime Subject for each one in your course schedule.
  2. Add Topics: if you already have your syllabus, create topics for each area covered in it.
  3. Add resources to your Subject: create them or pin ones created by others on the ExamTime library.
  4. Start learning: study one topic at a time using the corresponding resources. Do not forget to review them again every now and then to reinforce the knowledge in your brain. The study planner will be useful in this case to organise your time and activities.
  5. Track your progress: see how you are progressing and identify Subjects and Topics that need an extra push.

By following these steps and getting into a constant learn-track-review loop, you will be off to a great start for this new school year!

Get Started Now

* Some of the functionality explained above is only available on Subjects created by you, and not on the default “General” one.

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