Score-Tracking for Flashcards and More Profile Info

We have updated ExamTime again! This update includes score-tracking for Flashcards and more options for Profile info. These are outlined in more detail below:

Score-Tracking for Flashcards

It might not be immediately clear what is meant by ‘score-tracking’. Essentially, this means you mark the Flashcards that you know or don’t know. As you progress through a Flashcard deck, you usually find that you know some cards really well while others… not so much! These require more time for you to retain them—this is what our score-tracking helps with.

In the corner of the screen you will see a list of all your Flashcards and as you move through a deck you can click ‘I know it’ and you will see the corresponding card in the corner turn green. Click ‘Don’t Know’ and it turns red (if you skip the card it turns blue). This means you can go back through a deck and only view the ones you don’t know. This will ensure you retain as much as possible and get the most out of the time you spend studying your Flashcards.

flashcard scoretracking

More Profile Info

Let your friends know more about and what you’re studying. If you go to your profile now you will see that you can add whether you’re a student or teacher, what exams ( if any) you are studying for or just what subject areas you are interested in.

In time we hope to use this info to recommend resources that will help you study, so make sure and take the few seconds it takes to fill it out now!

More updates coming soon! If you think something is missing from ExamTime, let us know

-The ExamTime Team


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