University of Toronto: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go

university of torontoWhat: University of Toronto

Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When: Founded in 1827

Who: 83,012 students

Here’s Ten Reasons Why We Think The University of Toronto is Great…

FYI: This was written by a University of Toronto student going into the final year of her BA. We wanted to ensure that we were giving you some real insight into what life is like at U of T so whether you’re thinking about coming to U of T, are in the midst of your degree or a proud alumni, this post is for you. As any student who goes here will vouch, this school is world renowned for a reason.

1. Hollywood 2.0

Toronto as a city is actually known as the Northern Hollywood with so many movies and shows being filmed there and many of those films use the stunning University of Toronto campus to replicate US Ivy league schools. Good Will Hunting, Resident Evil and Mean Girls are some of the few shot at the school. So basically other universities are just off limits, it’s like the rules of feminism. Oh, and on Wednesdays the University of Toronto wears pink.

2. Colleges

The University of Toronto has a student population of epic proportion at 70,000. Boom. So to make it easier for first year students to meet people, the school is broken down into seven different colleges or ‘houses’. The way they pick your college is actually very scientific… You put on this old smelly magic hat that makes some rash judgments about the type of person you are and then decides where you’ll spend the next four years.

Click below and test your knowledge on University of Toronto trivia and history!

3. Multicultural

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world and that definitely translates into the University of Toronto. You’re bound to have at least a few international students on your first year floor, maybe from Madagascar, maybe Taiwan, maybe even Timbuktu, who knows! Either way, the school fosters some great opportunities to get to know people from all different walks of life.

4. Robarts Library

Robarts is the giant, concrete library that ominously looks over the University of Toronto campus. Oh, and it’s in the shape of a turkey.. and a very stuffed turkey at that with over 4.5 million books, making it one of the top three libraries in North America. Gobble, gobble.

5. City life

torontoThe University of Toronto could not be in a better city, and in a better part of that city. Toronto itself, is an international city full of culture, opportunity, nightlife, food and much more – everything a student wants and needs. The campus itself is right downtown, very close to the largest Chinatown in the world, the eclectic Kensington market, the Entertainment district and the Royal Ontario Museum.

6. Reputation

The University of Toronto has consistently been ranked one of the best universities in the world at number 21 on the world rankings, specifically for its research and innovation. U of T attracts the best and brightest from around the world so yes, you will have your soul crushed by your coursework and yes, expect to have zero social life. Your reputation is everything though right?

7. Choices Galore

The University of Toronto has an overabundance of classes that students can choose from. For example in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences alone there are over 1,700 courses. It means that students can keep their course schedule fresh, mixing in a little Forest Fire Behaviour & Management with a little Intro to Ojibwa Language and then for fun they can take Algorithm Design & Analysis – it’s like a class potpourri!

8. Getting Involved

The University of Toronto has over 800 clubs and organizations for students to choose from so there’s bound to be something outside the classroom to interest you. That being said, it should be warned that sports are not really a priority at U of T.. The Varsity Blues football team in particular has quite the reputation… a reputation of sucking (ouch, sorry but it’s true). For real, they went SEVEN YEARS without winning a single football game. On the bright side, you won’t have to worry about getting good seats at the games…

con hall u of t9. Con Hall

“The limit does not exist!” Yes, another Mean Girls reference. But really, Convocation Hall deserves its own mention for basically being so enormous. With over 1700 seats this is where a lot of first year 101 classes are held and where you can witness the great sea of glowing Apple symbols from their laptops (all hail Steve Jobs).

10. Picture Perfect

The University of Toronto houses some of the most exquisite architecture in Canada from Gothic to Edwardian to Brutalist to Modern, they’ve got it all. Did I also mention the library looks like a turkey?

For all you Varsity Blues, we want to hear if you agree with our list or not, and for those prospective students, we hope this gave you some good insight into why you should choose to attend the University of Toronto in the fall. That’s what the team at ExamTime wants to do, offer students as many resources as we can, and ones that are real, effective and helpful.

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