Types of Teachers: Which One Are You?

When you were in school as a student, more than likely you discovered different learning styles or techniques. Thinking back to those days, you may also have noticed that your teachers had a particular way that they would teach you and your classmates. Did your English teacher prefer a discussion forum in class? Maybe your Maths teacher didn’t allow you and your classmates to have a lot of freedom? Now that you are on the other side of the desk, your students will have classified you in the same way.

As a teacher, you might try to mix it up between having a friendly attitude and ensuring students are working in class. However, maybe you are focusing on a particular area more than others.

Find out what kind of teacher are by completing this quiz:

Types of Teachers

The result you get after taking the quiz above will indicate that you are one of three types of teacher:

0 to 30% – Strict Teacher

types of teachersYou’re probably the kind of teacher that students fear. You’re strong, critical and an advocate of hard work. Students who respond well in your class are really bright and well prepared. Make sure you don’t focus on the grind in every one of your classes or students will become bored and disengaged.

31 to 60% – Friendly Teacher

You’re the kind of teacher who tries to be friends with your students. Your classes are fun, dynamic and involve a community atmosphere. This may give more advanced students a break from the stress of exams but pay close attention to students who may need a little more work.

61 to 100% – Comprehensive Teacher

You are the teacher that all students love to have leading the classroom! Your classes are very explanatory as you want all students to understand the lesson. You prioritise the learning and understanding of the young people you teach while engaging students in the material.

As you may have already seen, this test is not scientific but is simply designed to have a good time. If you didn’t get the result you wanted, get some inspiration from this teacher story which includes action points on how to engage students.


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