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25 of the Best Leadership Quotes of All Time

Machiavelli once wrote that when it comes to leadership, it is “better to be feared than loved”. No doubt many would disagree, but the difference of opinion only shows that leadership can be a complex issue.

inspirational quotes on leadership

Do you serve the people you lead, or do they serve you? Do you lead by words or by deeds? Do you show others that you’re no different from them, or do you make a point of proving to everyone just how exceptional you are?

Knowing what leadership strategy will unlock the potential in others and produce the best results can seem next to impossible. Luckily, some of the brightest minds in history, in fields such as business, philosophy, literature and politics, have used their wisdom and experience to shed some light on the matter.

To bring you the most insightful and inspirational, we’ve gone through hundreds of spine-tingling quotes and put together a list of 25 of the best-ever leadership quotes to help you find the right path on your leadership journey, no matter what field you’re in.

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