communication crises

Why Employee Feedback Needs to be a Loop, Not a Line

One of the most common requirements in job postings is good communication skills. But are companies failing in their own internal communication strategies? No matter what the role, it seems good communication is sacrosanct in the workplace. Must be a strong communicator. Excellent communication skills required. Must possess superior written and verbal communication skills. The […]

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training and development

The Challenges and Choices of the Modern-Day Training Manager

The “war” for talent will remain the biggest challenge facing companies in 2020. – Talent Mobility 2020, PwC The struggle among companies to acquire the best available talent has intensified in recent years, and it’s only going to heat up further in the coming years. Businesses now work differently, which means that workers now work […]

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employee lifecycle

Why Understanding the Employee Lifecycle is Essential for Business Growth

Like everything else, the employee lifecycle has a beginning and an end. But it’s what you do with the in-between that counts. When a company experiences a long-lasting surge in growth or some kind of major success, the natural thing for its competitors to do is to pore over the company’s business strategy; to closely […]

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employee retention rates

It’s Not Just the Money: The True Cost of High Staff Turnover

The cost of a poor employee retention rate can be measured in hard currency, but the true cost goes far beyond that.   When it comes to staff retention, the statistics support a simple truth: the older your workforce, the longer they’re likely to remain at your company. A PayScale report on the retention rates […]

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tools for seamless employee training

Finding the Best Tool for Your Talent Development Program

If you really want to let your employees guide the growth of your company, then providing the right tools is essential. Imagine the following scenario: One of the most productive employees on your programming team finds several excellent articles on a novel Java-based technology. Your programmer then creates their own presentation highlighting the most valuable […]

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employee engagement plan

Employee Engagement Plan – What, Why and How

Let’s begin by playing a quick word association game. When you read the following words, take note of the first thing to pop into your head. So let’s start: Business. Corporation. Executive. Management. Development. Production. If the first images that sprung to mind were pie charts, graphs, boardrooms, factory floors or machinery, suits, more graphs, […]

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inspirational quotes on leadership

25 of the Best Leadership Quotes of All Time

Machiavelli once wrote that when it comes to leadership, it is “better to be feared than loved”. No doubt many would disagree, but the difference of opinion only shows that leadership can be a complex issue. Do you serve the people you lead, or do they serve you? Do you lead by words or by […]

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Course Builder – Creating a Learning Cycle that Works

Each of the content creation tools at your disposal as a GoConqr user has its own particular uses. Course Builder lets you bring them all together, and do a whole lot more besides. Depending on what kind of learner you are, the chances are that you have your own favourite GoConqr tool to use because […]

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horizontal organisations

The 7 Traits of a Highly Effective Organisational Culture

Today’s workforce stands apart from those of preceding generations, and it’s not just down to skinny jeans. There’s a discernible attitude that goes beyond popular trends and fads. Younger workers want to work for companies that will work for them. They want their jobs to be a part of their lifestyle rather than just a […]

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Job satisfaction

5 Things You Need to Have for Better Job Satisfaction

What is it that the modern-day employee wants most from their job? Whether you’re a HR manager or a CEO, if you’re in a position to influence company culture and haven’t yet asked yourself this question then you’ve forgotten the most important ingredient in your company’s recipe for success – employee job satisfaction. One of […]

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