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Best in Education and e-Learning

Best in Education and e-Learning – don’t just take our word for it!

At GoConqr, we are driven by trying to improve the learning experience for students and teachers worldwide. The ultimate reward is the number of you that use the platform and the positive stories that we hear every day. However now and then it is nice to get rewarded in others ways too, and last night was one such occasion.

Last night GoConqr was awarded Best in Education and e-Learning at the eirSpiders 2016 – an awards ceremony that has celebrated the best in digital for over 20 years. It’s a fantastic recognition of the work that the GoConqr team, past and present, has put in over the last 4 years.


eirSpiders 2016 GoConqr.
eir Spiders 2016 Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

Of course, nothing would not have happened without the willingness of our GoConqr members to create, discover and share on the platform. GoConqr is becoming a global learning phenomenon, with over 2.6 million members. Our members efforts in spreading the word has been a huge part of this.

So thanks to all at eirSpiders, thanks to our team and thanks to our members for giving everyone here at GoConqr a little extra pep in our step today.

Next stop, Bett awards in January!