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GoConqr – A Better Mobile Experience

GoConqr is making some changes for mobile users.

We have decided to focus our efforts on enhancing the GoConqr mobile web experience. As a consequence, we will cease to support the native mobile apps (iOS and Android) from the 1st May 2020.  From this date, the mobile API will be inaccessible and the native mobile apps will no longer function. Don’t worry, you will still be able to use our application through your mobile device, you will just use the web browser on your device rather than installing a native GoConqr app. To find out what the difference is between web mobile apps and native mobile apps please click here.

Users may continue to use the native mobile apps until 1st May 2020. We will address any problems with these native mobile applications over that period, but no further feature development or enhancements to the native mobile apps will be released. The apps will continue to be available for download from the Play Store and the App Store until 1st July 2019.


Why are we making these changes?

A few years ago, native apps were everywhere. Every business from your taxi-service to your hairdresser asked that you download their app for the ultimate integrated experience. After a while, you looked at the busy menu of your phone and wondered why you ever needed that Ukulele Tuner in the first place. At GoConqr, we were just as guilty as the rest and we were keen to get our apps on your device.

Recently, we have noticed increasing proportion of our users accessing the GoConqr platform via mobile web.  In contrast, uptake of the native mobile apps has declined. So, it makes sense for us to focus our efforts on developing and enhancing the mobile web offering.

We regret any inconvenience for existing native app users. However, we truly believe this will allow us to offer a better product and service for all of our mobile users, now and in the future.

Take a step into a better tomorrow with GoConqr.