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Mind Map to Help You Study

They worked for Leonardo da Vinci. They worked for Albert Einstein. Mind Maps can work for you. Mind mapping is a technique that helps in both memory and planning. It is a way for you to organize your thoughts in a form that your brain will understand, because it mimics the way our mind works.


Natural Association.

Your mind does not think in straight lines. Your brain is connected by a 100 trillion different synapses. Neurons bounce memories and ideas off neighboring neurons.

If the connection is relevant, the synapse is strengthened. Take a look –


Remind you of anything? The structure of a neuron is like that of a Mind Map. This is no coincidence. This is how we are built to think.


Use Mind Maps to plan and memorize.

Start with a single idea. This is your topic. Place it at the centre of your page. Now, what does that make you think of? Add peripheral ideas. Add branches. Add color. Add pictures. Add footnotes. Add whatever springs to mind; Whatever helps you get your ideas clear in your head. Like this –





Mind Maps are like a spider’s web to catch thoughts. Because all ideas stem from the middle, there is no hierarchy – no idea is more valid than any other, unless you want it to be. Thanks to this visual experience, you might see connections between ideas that you hadn’t previously considered.

Here are some areas that Mind Maps can help with:

  • Be more creative
  • Improve your memory.
  • Set your goals clearly.
  • Brainstorm as a group.
  • Create interactive presentations.
  • Present a ‘Big-Picture’ idea of your project.


GoConqr’s MindMaps can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. Check out this video for more info:

Here are a few good examples from the GoConqr site –


DNA – Structure and Replication

Medicine from Nature

CPU and Memory

Now you have a try!