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Sharing learning material on your site with SmartEmbeds

GoConqr SmartEmbeds allows you to transform your website or blog into an interactive learning site.

With SmartEmbeds you can publish private learning material on your site, and track user progress. You get the benefit on GoConqr’s interactive and engaging Quizzes and Courses on your site.

With simple pricing plans, SmartEmbeds is a flexible solution that always keeps you in control of cost.

Using SmartEmbeds:

It’s simple to use SmartEmbeds on your site.  Once you have a Smartshares plan, you just need to:

  • Create the Quiz or Course you wish to share
  • Choose “Share as a SmartEmbed” in the resource menu
  • Take the URL that is generated and paste it into your own website or blog

That’s it.

Once respondents start engaging with your material, you will see reports on views, attempts and scores.


See below an example of the embed version of a quiz:

Or you can simply provide a link to click open on a separate tab..

Food & Health Safety Quiz

You can get started with SmartEmbeds straightaway – visit our plans page to find the right option for you and upgrade your account today!