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What makes a good teacher?

What makes a good teacher?

Why did you become a teacher?

Some teachers have lost interest. There are teachers who see the classroom as a germ laboratory – an over-sized Petri-dish that mixes the scrapings of unwashed teenagers into something that might, one day, be sold to a Bond villain intent on disabling civilization. These mentors are jaded, tired and out-of-love with their profession. If I’ve just described you, better stop reading. The wonder is why they taught to begin with.

Thankfully, these teachers are rare and the great majority of the teaching community enjoy the day-to-day challenges of their vocation. The vast majority try to nurture the potential of the young minds they work with. The overwhelming majority take an interest in each and every student that populates their classrooms. So, what separates these two educator types? Maybe a better question is what they have in common.

Presumably, it is the love of knowledge; the love of their subject; the love of the leaders in their field.  I’ll wager every physics teacher reveres Marie Curie, every math champ looks up to Einstein, just as every Historian has a secret Indiana Jones fantasy. Good teachers know their subject inside-out and are always eager to learn more.

The day you don’t love your subject is the day you should stop teaching. For the vast majority still in love with their jobs, visit GoConqr. Discover new knowledge and new ways to invigorate your classroom,

Teaching is a joy.

Never think otherwise.

-GoConqr Team


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