5 Reasons to Start Using Online Flashcards

Online Flashcards: The Ideal Partner to Improve your Learning

Online Flashcards can be a life saver! Flashcards are the perfect study tool for today’s students, especially now you can create Flashcards online with free online study tools such as ExamTime.

Flashcards allow you to study in a variety of different ways. Unlike a lot of other study resources, the benefits of using flashcards to study can be noticed straight away. Whether you’re doing last minute prep for your maths exam or just brushing up on your Spanish vocab, online Flashcards are perfect for memorising key facts quickly.

Below is an interactive example of a Flashcard deck of European cities:

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be studying with online Flashcards:

1. You Can Study On The Go

With ExamTime’s online Flashcards you can quickly access your study notes from anywhere using your phone’s browser. This means you can study on the bus to school or even in-between classes. Since ExamTime is cloud-based, you can access your account from anywhere. You don’t need to worry about forgetting your free flashcards, they will be with you 24/7 – you just need to remember your password!


2. You Don’t Need To Be An Artist

We’ve all seen those perfect Flashcard decks. The ones that people spent hours creating. Let’s be honest though – those people spent more time creating the cards than actually studying them.

When it comes to creating online Flashcards, we do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need to worry about how bad your hand-writing or spelling is. We even sort your Flashcards into the right order,  flip all your Flashcards at once and allow you to insert images.

So you don’t need to be embarrassed by your bewildering system for drawing the Doppler effect. You can just insert a photo  with the click of a button. Easy!


3. You Can Save The Environment

No need to buy hundreds of thousands of paper Flashcards. Using your online Flashcards will help save all those lovely trees you’ve read so much about! If you’re passionate about being environmentally friendly, creating Flashcards online instead of using paper will ensure you’ll be carbon neutral in no time!

online Flashcards

4. You Can Share Flashcards with your Friends

ExamTime enables you to connect with friends and view study resources from users all across the world. This means you can share your Flashcards and other study resources with others to get feedback and compare notes.

We encourage you to search for other users online Flashcards and study whatever you find useful. Just make sure you thank others for any good resources you find. Taking advantage of others people resources will help your study tremendously!


5. You Can Save Yourself A Bunch Of Time

Creating Flashcards can take a lot of time but online Flashcards are much easier to create and access. Whether you’re in university, college or high school, you’d be surprised by how much time you’d save by using online Flashcards such as ExamTime as opposed to paper Flashcards. The time you save can then be put to better use which (hopefully) will improve your exams results at the end of the school year!


ExamTime’s free online flashcards are a perfect way of improving your study. Check out these top 7 tips to create and study with Flashcards online to read more about how online Flashcards can help you study.

Get started now and create your first Flashcard deck or log in to your existing ExamTime account.





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