7 Tips to Create and Study with Flashcards Online

When creating and learning using Flashcards, there are some tips you should keep in mind. These tips will make the Flashcard decks you create much more useful and your study more rewarding in the long run.

Put these tips into practice as you create Flashcards online and you’ll improve your study drastically:


1) Keep your Flashcards Simple:

When you make Flashcards online, you shouldn’t over complicate them – they are designed to showcase quick and simple nuggets of info in an instant to help your retention. If you cram too much content onto your study Flashcards, they become over-loaded with information. If you need a study aid with a lot of information, you should use our Notes feature. So when it comes to Flashcards, make sure to KISS (keep it simple stupid).

2) Choose a Topic:

Your Flashcard deck should have a core theme that runs throughout it. This will help you focus your efforts when you’re creating the Flashcard deck itself and to understand a topic fully as you study. If you want to link concepts together, Mind Maps would be better to use as you can create an overview of your subject or topic and develop a Flashcard deck focusing on a concept or Mind Map node following this.

3) Use Images:

Where relevant you should use visual cues to make your study Flashcards more engaging and memorable. This will also help those who learn better visually. Adding an image to a Flashcard is especially useful if you find an image online which you think explains a concept in detail or in a way you understand easier.

4) Expand on Your Flashcard Deck:

Once you have learned most of your Flashcard deck you should start on another deck that goes even more in-depth. You should plan for this when creating your initial deck. Don’t try and include everything in your first deck or you will get frustrated and spend too much time creating your Flashcards instead of learning them!

Use our other free online study tools, Mind Maps, Quizzes, Notes and Online Study Groups, to connect the dots, test your knowledge, develop in-depth notes and collaborate with others progressing your learning to the next level.

5) Learn on the Go:

Online Flashcards are perfect as they allow you to study anywhere so make sure you take advantage of this aspect when creating and studying using Flashcards. Create a deck when studying a topic, review your Flashcards in class, study them on the bus – you get the idea? Check out our study resources to see examples of how your can use our free online study tools.

6) Shuffle your Flashcards:

There is always a danger when learning Flashcards that you are simply recalling the order of the Flashcards and not the meaning. That is why it is very important to make sure you shuffle your deck often. ExamTime’s Flashcards allow you to do this in a split second plus you can use the Flip All option on your Flashcards to learn your notes back to front, literally.

7) Test your knowledge:

Our tools also allow you to keep track of which study Flashcards you know or don’t know using score tracking. This is an invaluable addition to your learning as it helps you direct your study in the most efficient areas.

Using these tips as you create and use your free Flashcards online will make the whole process that much more fulfilling. Sign up now to make free Flashcards online!


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