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Popular Courses – Geography



Coastal Geography

-Our coastlines are the borders between land and sea. They are diverse in composition and formation. Coastal Geography is the study of these regions.

Climate Change

-Over millions of years, the Earth’s atmosphere has achieved a balance that our species enjoys. Now the balance is changing. Geography asks why?

Ecosystem Management

-The various geographies of the world provide a range of rich habitats. Tropical, desert and cold environments vary greatly.

Energy Resource Management

-Natural resources come in many forms. Some, like natural gas,  form over aeons and some, like the oceans, exist in a permanent state of flux.

Fluvial Geography

-Over time, rocks are affected by rain, rivers, wind and all the elemental forces.

Food Resource Management

-Food is a necessity for every living thing. In today’s world, we take for granted that the shelves are stocked.

Glacial Geography

-In the Earth’s ice ages, landscapes have been changed by frozen forces. The evidence is all around us.

Global Development

-What do we mean when we speak of the developed and developing worlds? How do we measure global progress?

Hazardous Earth

-It’s a big bad world out there. Hurricanes, disease and earthquakes are some of the dangers we can face.

Urban Geography

-As the world moves forward, more people move to the cities. We are witnessing the spread of the mega-city.


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