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Popular Courses – History



-Socialism originated with the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels during the 19th century. The influence of Socialist thinking has profoundly altered history.


-What defines a nationality? – the place you live, the family you come from, the culture you practice, the beliefs you follow?


-The dream of liberty began with the end of the feudal system. Locke, Mill and Wollstonecraft are some prominent liberalist thinkers.


-Conservatives tend to believe in the status quo. Thomas Hobbes, Edmund Burke and Ayn Rand belong in this conversation.

Changes in Health and Medicine (1)

-Be thankful you don’t live in medieval times, where even a toothache could be fatal.

The Cold War 

-The Cold War began at the close of the second world war and only ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Here’s what happened in between.

Crime and Punishment (Britain c1000-1500)

-Laws, enforcement and misbehaviour in medieval England, from the Anglo Saxons to Norman rule.

Crime and Punishment – Whitechapel

-Toward the turn of the 20th century, Victorian London was swamped by crime. The police were often violent. But not as violent as Jack the Ripper.

Germany, 1890 – 1945

-From Prussia and the rule of Otto von Bismarck to the Rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, this course tackles a period of German history that shaped the modern world.

Health and People c.1000 – Present (Pt 1)

-The road to modern medicine and public health is a long and sometimes disastrous journey.

Health and People c.1000 – Present (Pt 2)

-Blood. Church. Hospitals. They all had a role to play in the creation of the modern health service.

Medicine in Britain, 1250 – Present (3)

-Industrialism brought people closer together, along with their germs. Thankfully, Pasteur and Nightingale had some ideas

Post Cold War Modern History

-With the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Cold War ended. What happened next?

Russia: Tsardom and Communism (Pt 1)

-Tsar Nicholas II became the last of a long line of Russian monarchs.

Russia: Tsardom and Communism (Pt 2)

-After the October revolution of 1917, the Tsars no longer ruled Russia and a new type of state was born.

The Western Front, 1914-1918

-From Calais into Europe, the Allies marched. The town of Ypres was to prove critical in the war effort.




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