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9 out of 10 GoConqr members prefer interactive resources

According to GoConqr’s online learning report, 90% of the resources created on the platform are interactive ones such as flashcards or mind maps, while only 10% of resources are the more traditional ones, such as slides or notes. This data demonstrates the growing popularity of active learning and educational methodologies such as flipped classroom or blended learning, which encourage student participation in the development of knowledge. In order to take advantage of the maximum potential of these interactive resources, we explain their different functionalities and how to enrich the study process with them.

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Which are our most popular interactive resources?    

Each of our resources have their own benefits so they can complement each other perfectly to provide the most complete learning experience possible. The interactive resources are most popular with the majority of users so we explain their advantages below:

• Mind maps: these allow the user to create visually attractive diagrams in a simple way and in a matter of minutes. One of the main benefits of this resource is that it gives the possibility to connect the different learning concepts of the lesson being, studied to contextualize it better and have a global perspective of the area of study. It is the most popular tool among our members due to their accessibility and ability to facilitate the learning process.

• Flashcards: do you have difficulties memorizing a subject? GoConqr flashcards can help you retain concepts more easily thanks to their attractive combination of textual and visual elements. With them you can focus more on the small details and remember all those verbs, dates, names or famous quotes that are more difficult and dense to study.

• Notes and Slides: these are the more traditional or passive learning resources – students often use notes to record and consolidate their own learning, while slides are typically used to present information to others for passive consumption. However, as GoConqr allows users to embed video and other interactive resources within both Notes and Slides, these too can become truly interactive learning resources.

• Online Courses: One of the newer innovations in GoConqr (which was not analysed in the 2017 Online Learning Report) is our Course Builder tool. This allows people to combine content to create courses in an engaging way that is effective for both instruction and revision. This allows a blend of material that is both passive and more interactive, while quizzes can be used to assess progress and evaluate course performance. Courses shared within an organization can be tracked through GoConqr Campus or courses can be shared via email with our Smart Links feature. We plan to introduce video upload to Courses soon for an even more interactive learning experience!

According to Dualta Moore, GoConqr’s CEO, the popularity of these interactive resources demonstrates that “new technologies are reshaping some aspects of classical educational methodology,” as more and more “schools are applying active learning concepts.” GoConqr continues to innovate and improve our tools in response to how learners use the tools and the feedback they provide.