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40 Maps That Explain the World

We are usually only interested in Mind Maps here at ExamTime but this week we were fascinated by this list of 40 Maps that explain the world. The maps include where people are most and least welcoming in the world, the best and worst places to be born and even the best and worst countries to be a mother. Quite shockingly, you will notice a trend across the maps, take a look here.

Special thanks to @Edukwest for sharing!


Lighting your house for free!

The BBC has reported this fantastic story involving a Brazilian mechanic whose invention is helping millions of people across the globe.

Millions worldwide live and work in dark accommodations that they can barely afford to light so the option of lighting these for free is growing rapidly. Alfredo Moser has popularised a unique way of lighting houses during the day without electricity. All you need is a plastic bottle, some water, bleach and a hole in your roof!

180 Websites in 180 Days

Jennifer Dewalk, an artist-turned-web-developer, decided she wanted to learn how to code. So, instead of buying a “Javascript for Dummies” book, she decided she was going to create 180 websites in 180 days. You can track her progress so far here and get a good overview of her work to date (she’s on day 137 today) here.

If this inspires you and makes you want to learn how to code, check out ExamTime’s blog series on learning to code.



A Guide to Documentaries 

You can’t beat a great documentary! They’re not only wildly entertaining, but also serve as a powerful and engaging educational tool. As quality documentary films continue to be produced around the globe, we encourage teachers to take advantage and enlighten their students with some of these amazing titles. This great infographic was put together by the folks over at Certification Map.

Work your way through it and decide which documentary you will watch first! Let us know which documentary it recommends for you in the comments section below.

Documentary Film Flowchart

Documentary Film Flowchart



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