Best of the Web: iPhone Maths Prank, Why Kanye Doesn’t Know Best & More…

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Don’t Mess with this Maths Teacher!

Ever been caught using your phone in class? You may have gotten your phone back at the end of class but this student wasn’t so lucky. The maths teacher who confiscated this student’s phone changed the passcode and gave the student this note back with it. Best of luck figuring it out Lachlan!

teacher prank

This is Why You Should Study!

Ultra-bazillionaire J.P. Morgan takes the time to respond to a self-confessed gold-digger in an insightful letter. J.P.’s theory for not marrying the gold-digger is based on simple maths, if only Kanye West had added it up!



Stray Dogs + Balloons = YES!

Most cities across the world have large populations of abandoned animals. These students found a great way of drawing attention to these forgotten animals…have a look:

Stray dogs

ESTOY AQUÍ/Intervención Urbana from Felipe Carrasco G. on Vimeo.

Student Activism is Still Alive and Kicking!

This must-see documentary trailer shows how a college student took on big oil companies in America. Just goes to show that student activism is still going strong and one person can make a difference.

Skyrocketing US Education Costs

This infographic explores the increasing rates of college debt  for students in the US. It makes for worrying reading and acts as a cautionary tale for education in other parts of the world.




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