Best of the Web: Commencement Speeches, Plane Prank & More…

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Days Of Our Lives

This eye-opening video explores how much time we all have to do the things we love in life through the use of….jelly beans! It’s inspiring stuff, take a look to change your perspective on life:

Inspiring Commencement Speech

Many universities and colleges will have their graduations this August. This commencement speech by writer George Saunders at Syracuse University should whet your appetite for life… though not skinny dipping!

Preparing for your commencement speech? Check out the Top 5 Commencement Speeches for some great quotes.

The School Food Plan

This video explores some ambitious plans being put in motion by the English school system. The importance of a healthy diet cannot be underestimated for study and life in general – just ask Jamie Oliver!

What Happens When You Put Someone Afraid Of Flying In A Stunt Plane?

Many of you may feel a slight pang of trepidation by the prospect of returning to study after your break. However, just like Josh here, you’ll have to get over this and get ready for whats to come!


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